Why Taffy Coaching?

Here, at Taffy Coaching, we have over 15 years of teaching experience. This enables us to provide our students with shortcuts to navigate the preliminary and HSC syllabus with ease, carving an advantage for students to edge themselves ahead of their peers. Our tutors have all sat the HSC and achieved outstanding results, so each and every one of them understand the shortcuts, tip and tricks needed to maximize success.

This not only translates into better examination performance but more free time. With this extra time; students are able to commit to more extracurricular activities, enabling a more well-rounded education, putting them in better positions for scholarship and university applications; as they have a combination of both stellar academic results with a range of extracurricular activities.

However, our philosophy at Taffy Coaching takes it one step further, extending beyond the scope of just the HSC. Our tutors not only teach content clearly and concisely, but also mentor our students, providing unique advice on study techniques and habits to improve memorization and time management, empowering students with the confidence to tackle the seemingly endless HSC workload. These skills are not only vital for the HSC but fundamental to success in all aspects of life.

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