About Us

One of the founder of Taffy Coaching has an actuarial background and has been teaching for over 15 YEARS in university and various well known coaching centres in Sydney.

The most common queries we gets asked are:

The answer is surprisingly simple, our view is that 1 on 1 does offer the personalised attention from the tutor, and the tutor is able to hone in on specific weaknesses of the student. However the clear deficiency is student lose the necessary classroom engagement and interaction with other students . This is a crucial part of the learning process as it encourages critical thinking of other approaches and questions raised by peers.

Similarly classes have their own limitations, in all the years I have been teaching, we found that unless the teacher is highly experienced and passionate it is harder to give the correct level of attention to different calibres and levels of students in the same class.

In Taffy Coaching we utilise our unique hybrid coaching model to ensure that students will have the opportunity to interact in a classroom environment while at the same time also receive personalised attention from our tutor to maximise their learning potential and academic performance.