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  • Yr 12 Accelerated Courses

    Are you prepared for the jump in difficulty between Year 11 and Year 12? Do you understand the differences between the preliminary and HSC courses?  In truth, not many students know the difference, which is why students who prepare early before they start their HSC courses at school ease into their final year of high […]

  • FREE Preliminary Yearly Exam Crash Course

    With Year 11 preliminary exams fast approaching, there’s no better time to start revising than now! We are currently running two FREE Maths Ext 1 (2U & 3U content included) and Economics Revision Classes to help you effectively prepare for your upcoming final exams. Don’t wait around for everybody else to get ahead – be […]

  • 1 on 1 vs Class tutoring?

      The most common queries we get are: “My child is struggling with Maths and Science, what can I do to help?” “What’s best for me? classroom environment or a one on one tutor?” “I want to have the complete attention of a tutor which will work to my own pace, would one to one […]